Beeswax based protective lip balm with non-alcoholic propolis extract and vitamin E.

From our fascination of life and habits of bees originates a propolis lipstick. Propolis (from Greek “bulwark of the city”) is a substance that bees produce mainly from resins. It creates a barrier behind the hive entrance, which works as a cleaner and protects the hive from any bacteria, viruses or mold. Ingredients of propolis include about 300 substances (among others iron, magnesium, cobalt, zinc, manganese, copper, bio-elements, vitamins, proteins). Alcohol-free extract of propolis has an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect. In addition, it has antibiotic properties. Propolis is often called the antibiotic of the twenty-first century by many scientists, with the biggest advantage being the ability of its chemical compounds to interact in bacteria that can not produce a sufficient amount of antibodies in one generation. Synergistic interaction of those compounds result in complete elimination of bacteria. Propolis was already used two thousand years ago by Hippocrates to heal wounds, burns and inflammations. In ancient Egypt it was believed that it provides longevity and life without pain. Vitamin E strengthens, regenerates and heals the lips, protecting and nourishing them at the same time. This lipstick guarantees a full dose of nature’s best.

Traditionally Naturally Leda